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Our software is tailored to the restaurant industry. Feel free to read more about how our software can make a huge difference for your restaurant.
Online Table Booking is carefully constructed and every feature in it is based upon direct experiences over three decades.

We are grateful to the many who are already using the platform and who have become part of our online family, who give us input on new smart solutions, special adaptations and needs. This gives us the opportunity to be in a constant process that makes everyday life in our industry so much more efficient and clear and profitable

We make administration extra fun

Add or subtract the products you need. when you need them
  • Online booking system
  • Online booking with payment
  • QR Code Walk inn
  • Take away module
  • Online conference booking
  • 24/7 support
  • Dynamic SMS & mail solution
  • Event manager
  • Social media manager
  • Admin backend panel

    All at a fixed price no matter how many bookings you get

    An All-in-one Sales And Marketing Software

    Get a complete overview of your social media marketing with our software, you can connect your events and packages directly to your social media marketing. The software will automatically analyze where your traffic and bookings are coming from and give you instant feedback in real-time. Now it is easier than ever to stop advertisements that does not perform well and put more effort into those that do.
    Let your clients book a table and get paid up front

    • Winemakers dinner or a special themed night at the restaurant? Create your own custom events with the services you want and make them available for booking online.
    • A very efficient way to market your custom events directly to social media.
    • You can even secure a quick cash-flow by enabling up front payment through STRIPE.

    Event Manager

    Get a complete overview of your events in a whole new way. Maybe you are going to host a themed event, buffet, Christmas party or any of the million other different events you can think of?
    With the Event Manager you are enabled to custom build your packages and offers with the content you desire. When you open for online sale and booking you can also ask for up front payment if you want, which will reduce the number of no-shows and increase liquidity.
    Regardless of what time, theme, seating or limitations you may or may not have, you can set it all up in the Event Manager.
    Watch the video to see how it works.

    Quick Access To Liquidity

    Through our cooperation with Stripe you are able to secure instant liquidity by asking for upfront payment from your guests.


    Scandinavian Origin

    Our software has been developed by a team of Scandinavian people. This means that the attention to detail in the Scandinavian market is unparalleled.

    Support 24/7
    Mail Confirmation
    Digital manual bookings
    Smart table managerMail confirmation
    € 65 /month
    Now € 47 /month
    Support 24/7
    Online booking system
    Digital manual bookings
    Smart table manager
    Mail confirmation
    € 95 / month
    Now € 75 / month
    Support PREMIUM
    Online booking system
    Digital manual bookings
    Smart table manager
    Payment with Stripe
    Event Manager
    Marketing Manager
    SMS and email confirmation
    € 140 /month
    Now € 125 / month
    Support OUTSOURCE
    Online booking system
    Digital manual bookings
    Smart table manager
    Online take away modul
    Payment with Stripe
    Event Manager
    Online day conference booking
    Marketing Manager
    Dynamic SMS mail solution
    Can be adapted to your needs