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Our software is custom built for the bar and club industry. Feel free to read more about how our software can make a big difference for your establishment.

Over 30 years’ experience has given us an unique opportunity to create a complete system based on the “know how” of running a restaurant, hotel, pub or a similar establishment.
Online Table Booking is carefully constructed and every feature in it is based upon direct experiences over three decades.

Order and get an automated reminder when your table is ready.

Let your guests order directly though the booking system and it will send them an automated reminder once the table is ready!
You can also enable pre-payment so that your guests can have a carefree visit and enjoy your establishment while they are there and not worry about the money.

Get a complete overview of your social media marketing

With our software you can connect your events and packages directly to your social media marketing. The software will automatically analyze where your traffic and bookings are coming from and give you instant feedback in real time.
Now it is easier than ever to stop advertisements that does not perform well, and put more effort into those that do.

A sales and booking software for restaurants who have


Do you offer birthday parties, quiz or any other private event? Configure and offer any type of event custom made in the Event manager. You can adjust and set prices, pictures, information and content ready for online distribution.

Special orders

Some guets have special needs. If there are any, custom make them in the Event Manager and make them global or just to apply on certain packages.

Themed events

No-shows, bad seating logistics, ever changing menues and other important details slow you down and can consume your margins. With our software you are able to custom build packages and setups with the exact content you want and market them as you want wherever you want. You can even ask for payment through Stripe.


Do you do marketing for your bar or club? With Social Media Manager you get complete overview and control over your marketing campaigns. What works? What doesn’t? The Social Media Manager will tell you in real time.

Event Manager

Our software give you and your employees a complete overview of your food & beverage department.
Regardless if you have a manual or digital ledger you can easily gather both into the software. You can also allocate your bookings to your different departments such as business center, restaurant, bar, pub or any other department you may have.
The software is directly linked to your real time capacity and it will send an automated reminder or update by e-mail or SMS for the guests convenience.

Makes booking events easier

Regardless if your establishment offers, quiz, darts, shuffleboard or any other activity, our software let your guest check availability in real time. Automatic confirmation and reminder add to the experience of top notch service.
Allow pre-payment for quick access to liquidity.

Order take-away in just 4 easy steps

With our take-away module, you are able to offer the most seamless take-away experience for your customers yet.
You can even set our module up so that the system always uses the exact capacity available, so that your kitchen can deliver on realistic timeframes.
No time, no problem. The system will automatically block the capacity when it is full.
You think you need to download an app to get this feature into your booking system?
No app needed. No download, no sign-up and no app, it is all integrated in our full flex service.

How it works

  • The guest navigates to the take-away section of your website or ordering service
  • The guest choose an available timeslot for their purchase
  • The guest pays for the order right there and then and get an SMS confirmation on the order
  • The kitchen receives the order and can plan their production line accordingly

Your guest does not need to register or download anything to use the service.

The pandemic changed the way we work

In 2020 the industry has most likely learned more about running their business successfully than the last 5 years combined.
We believe that the future of the industry will look a bit different, and we need to adapt. In order to help the industry, adjust to the new laws and regulations, we have integrated a system which makes it easy to keep track of the list of guests.
Don’t rely on your waiters best handwriting in order to compile mandatory lists over visitors. With our digital guestbook-system you can easier than ever compile lists with laser accuracy, containing all the necessary data.

Why you should consider our software

A Few Of Many Good Reasons: