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Customer Service


We are always there for our clients. Literally. We offer 24/7 support all year round. Our support team handle technical issues and we can even outsource the entire job of running and updating the software for you. No matter what you need, we are here for you!



We know how important it is that stuff just works
We have chosen to include 24/7 support to all of our customers, regardless of your price plan. In addition to our unparalleled support we can also take charge of running your system and updating it with products and events as we go.

Our standard support is by telephone or e-mail, and we our support team will answer any inquiries you have relevant to our software. We also offer remote support.
With Premium support you will get everything that is offered in the standard support, but you will also get a fast track priority which will put you in front of the line ensuring a quicker resolve. Ordinary support will be handled chronologically, but Premium will always be first priority. Ask about pricing!
Many people just want it to work. They don’t have time to both run their busy establishment and deal with technical stuff at the same time. We get it. That is why we offer to take charge of everything for you! We will update the system with packages, events, pricing, images and everything else you need. Aask us about pricing.


We give you 24/7 support as our standard, but if you want even more we’ve got you covered.


You are always safe with us. Our team perform continuous maintenance and improvements on our software


Do you need anything specific? We are here for you. We can, on request, adjust certain features to your needs.


To know someone is there for you 24/7 is a good feeling isn’t it? No matter what you need, we want you to be happy with us.