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Festivaler V.I.P. Områder

Plattformen vår er spesialbygd V.I.P områder og bespisning plasser for arrangementer og musikkfestivaler. Les gjerne mer om hvordan programvaren vår kan utgjøre en stor forskjell for festivalen din.

Over 30 års erfaring har gitt oss en unik mulighet til å lage et komplett system basert på kunnskapen om å drive mat og drikke områder i forbindelse med festivaller. Sildajazzen, Kongsberg Jazz festival, Quart festivalen og lignende.
Online Table Bookinger nøye konstruert, og alle funksjonene i den er basert på direkte opplevelser over tre tiår, samt verdifulle innspill fra våre kunder og partner.

Get instant payment

Using our software you can easily create VIP-packages sell and promote them to social media through our Event Manager.
You can also enable instant payment through our payment solution Stripe. Doing so will actually save unnecessary fees and tariffs from handlers, adding to your liquidity.
You will always have absolute control over your capacity and marketing through our Event Manger and Social Media Manager.

Get Control On Social Media

With our software you can connect your events and packages directly to your social media marketing. The software will automatically analyze where your traffic and bookings are coming from and give you instant feedback in real time.
Now it is easier than ever to stop advertisements that does not perform well, and put more effort into those that do.

Event Manager

Our software give you and your employees a complete overview of your food & beverage department.
Regardless if you have a manual or digital ledger you can easily gather both into the software. You can also allocate your bookings to your different departments such as business center, restaurant, bar, pub or any other department you may have.
The software is directly linked to your real time capacity and it will send an automated reminder or update by e-mail or SMS for the guests convenience.

Take Away order at 1-2-3

Here you can offer your guests to order and pay Take away online. The capacity of the kitchen / restaurants is controlled by smart functions, so that only your desired capacity will be available for ordering based on how much you have to do in your entire restaurant. All at a fixed low price per month no matter how many orders you get
NB. No guests need to download any app or register as a new user.
Take Away order at 1-2-3
The guest finds the Take Away button on your website or on the social media you use. 2. The guest chooses an available time, date and time for when the food is to be picked up. The guest make payment and can use all bank and credit cards, they received sms confirmation as well as receipt by mail. NB. No guests need to download any app or register as a new user.
The kitchen gets up the order on its Ipad, smart phone mac

Why you should consider our software

A Few Of Many Good Reasons:

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