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Why Us

Online Table Booking is a revolutionary new software for the Food & Beverage industry. The system strongly focuses on efficiency, revenue and expenditure management, marketing and event planning. Online Table Booking is the only system you need in order to increase your revenue.

Over 30 years’ experience has given us an unique opportunity to create a complete system based on the “know how” of running a restaurant, hotel, pub or a similar establishment.
Online Table Booking is carefully constructed and every feature in it is based upon direct experiences over three decades.


It is all about the experience

Through being directly involved with Food & Beverage for more than 30 years, we have analyzed what it takes to run an efficient F&B service. Through testing, trial and failure we have amassed an significant amount of data on how we can help this industry get more efficient and profitable.


An efficient kitchen is a good kitchen

For those of you who have worked in a restaurant kitchen you will recognize that quality is one of the most important parameters. Our team has actually worked in several kitchens through the years, and they have taken their experiences and applied them to our software in order to help with internal logistics and efficiency.


Complete control is the key to success

Our developers have been very focused on every facet of an effective F&B business. Through our firsthand experience we have been able to streamline our software to give you the most complete experience yet.

To top it all off we have incorporated the marketing module into our software so that you get everything you need in one place.


The experiences you never forget starts with us

For the first time ever you will get a sales and marketing software where all the necessary features is bundled into one software. With Online Table Booking you are able to put together events and packages for Christmas parties, events, meetings, quiz nights and an unlimited variety of offers for your customers. If that wasn’t enough; you can even offer instant payment through Stripe which will give you access to funds instantly.

Why you should consider our software

A Few Of Many Good Reasons:

La Famiglia

“The Online Table Booking software ensures that I can concentrate on developing new concepts, menues and spend my time tending to important tasks in the restaurant. We joined up with OTB at an early stage, and has seen a lot of benefits by using the software in our business. To add to that I am very pleased that we see an increase in booking and that we are able to more easily adjust the staffing for each shift. Our requests for improvements that are more tailored to our needs have been dealt with swiftly and professionally. I can do nothing but recommend Online Table Booking to everyone in the F&B industry.””

André Hjort – Owner La Famiglia